May. 1st, 2009

I live!

May. 1st, 2009 04:01 pm
So, I'm banging this all together before I rush off to work. I'm walking today so I need to head out early.

This is a journal. A very specific, trans, feminism, lesbian, etc related journal. The details will be gritty and real. Like the new batman movies. Okay, I'm kidding. But I will be going into a little bit of TMI at certain points.

I'll probably talk about things that people don't like to hear about. Transsexuality is a scary fucking thing for some people. Apparently gender is what they base their comprehension of the world on and us transcending those boundaries makes kittens die or something.

I try not to be too dismissive of those viewpoints. After all there's nothing wrong with feeling scared of us or worried or apprehensive. What I don't appreciate is when you try to kill me, or rape me, objectify me or disrespect me because you can't practice an iota of self control.

Maybe I expect too much. But I have a slight fear of black people, due to a lack of exposure. I don't call the cops on every black guy I see. Or avoid black people. I do my best to get over my fear and treat everyone right. So maybe my expectations aren't too high and you're (addressed to the problem people, not my more innocent readers) all lazy inconsiderate fucks.

Either way, there are words that need to be said. And not just about trans stuff either. About gender in general, about sexuality and about how everyone treats each other. I probably won't be merciful. But I'll be humorous and clever occasionally. So you can look forward to that. <3

Alright, time to run to work. Behold, Genderbitch blog is born.

Genderbitch: In ur gender, revealing ur privilege


This is a blog. About transsexuality, feminism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, GLBT stuff and etcetera (check my tags for more on that). This is also an angry blog.

You might see me as slightly antagonistic. Oh well. I incite because I am trying to push people into thinking, discussing and breaking out of the stagnant bullshit of privilege. Which needs a nice firm kick quite a bit. Sometimes to the head. If I need a nice firm kick too, make sure to distribute it because well, I'm not immune to privilege either. XD

Anonymous (account-less) commenting is allowed but please sign it with an alias or name. I reserve the right to delete useless trolling, hate language and attempts to out my name or out anyone else here.

Welcome to my space. Take your shoes off, stay a while. Use the fucking coasters.


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