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Date: 2012-02-20 01:37 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I am a computer science student. Just prior to my fourth year my male progenitor granted me ownership of this body I wear. He thought a lot about it, and given our philosophical background we delved fairly deeply into the ontology of femininity and related issues. With our dance background we watched the girls, and the boys on campus, analyzing the differences and similarities of their natural gate. We found that the girls close to our own height and fitness level walked very like we did; little change was required. At the end of my third year I took a position at a high tech company and stayed there for two work terms. In the remote town I began to create my chrysalis. When after eight months of work I returned for my last year of studies. Naturally, all those who had known him prior to my emergence could still see him in me. They, naturally enough fell into the roles of allies. Nearly all of them accepted me when I returned. Even the faculty accepted it and treat me now as the woman I am. One professor recently, during a class when I made a comment referred to me as 'sir', and quickly corrected himself, and he apologized profusely after class. I don't know if there was anyone in class who clued into the fact that this body has not always been female after that. Some I have never met before and know me only as a woman.

Another event was more disturbing. It was the night of the Take Back The Night March. I worked in the building that was to house the allies. After the march a student journalist started questioning me, and she obviously had some prior knowledge from somewhere, and asked me leading questions that I evaded. In the student newspaper she identified me as someone who identified as a woman and a lesbian was a biological male. I've had no luck in contacting her since. That worried me someb because I regularly use the women's washrooms, and the women's locker room in the sports facility.
As it turned out nothing discernible came of it. Another event that occurred was that when I checked into a local women's shelter there was a woman there who was a former girlfriend of my progenitor. She gave me away to a group of women who had always known me as a woman. In the aftermath the staff that found out turned out to be good allies because the news did not spread. Now a month later most of the women in there receive me as a woman.
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