2009-08-10 08:47 pm

AH HA. Niche obtained.

I finally found my niche. Angry trans girl. After all, I am pretty fucking pissed off when I write in here.

I'm not always pissed off though, it's just that blogging reminds me of all the stupid awful shit people do to trans women, among ten billion other marginalized minorities... arrrrgh fuck I want to BREAK THINGS NOW! ...oh, there it is. Angry again. See?

The fact is, I'm done letting people push me around with the word bitch. I'm going to wear it as a flag. A flag that says, "fuck you, misogyny. Fuck you, transphobia. Fuck you, homophobia. Fuck you, society. You calling me a bitch won't stop me now. It's my fucking word now."

And really, my posts had always had a slightly antagonistic nature to them. Privilege is stagnant. It's easy to just do nothing when you aren't directly affected by marginalization and bigotry. To sink into the mud and just shrug at the rest of us. So don't be surprised when you get the firm kick to the head to wake you the fuck up. And frankly, I won't be surprised if I get a few firm kicks myself, because I have various kinds of privilege myself. White privilege, abled privilege, etc. If I need to be drop kicked, I expect it to be done. No mercy, folks. Because I sure as hell won't give it. XD

So, new look and feel, new name for the blog and embracing the angry bitch in me. Overall a very very good beginning to August.

2009-08-06 12:09 pm
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Look and Feel - updated

I'm still working out the look and feel of this, whether I'll port to wordpress or something and what kind of naming scheme I want here. It doesn't help that this particular blog style keeps fucking breaking on me.

Things may get a little interesting, view wise, so hopefully I don't get people too lost with this jostling around, renaming, counter renaming and changing the look of the page. Suggestions on what works better, whether dreamwidth is a good fit and such would be appreciated.


Update: Right now I'm stuck between Wordpress and Blogger. I already have a good idea which posts I'd like to port and I know I'll keep my dreamwidth and essentially just crosspost things. Unfortunately, I don't know how to port the comments over, so those will be stuck back here.