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Date: 2009-08-19 12:33 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] veridiansage
Thank you.
That was very informative.

The past decade of my life has been very informative over-all.
So many assumptions I lived with were destroyed. Truth be told, being homeless, living in an area where I was in the racial minority, these things did all help me greatly. The less said about gender identity and sexual orientation in regards to my person, the better.
Truth be told, I think it might benefit all persons to spend time in a place that is not exactly most accommodating to them. It may help with perspective.

My only request, selfish as it is, is that you help to catch me when I make a treacherous or hurtful comment. So much offense is based in ignorance (or so I like to believe). As much as I hate being assumed untrustworthy, I am used to that state, it just leaves me guarded and less than cordial to the person who obviously regards me so. However, the pain of betrayal I feel when I discover I am not trusted when there was an illusion of mutual trust is far worse. Truth is something I find laudable and treasure, even when it hurts.
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