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I'm still working out the look and feel of this, whether I'll port to wordpress or something and what kind of naming scheme I want here. It doesn't help that this particular blog style keeps fucking breaking on me.

Things may get a little interesting, view wise, so hopefully I don't get people too lost with this jostling around, renaming, counter renaming and changing the look of the page. Suggestions on what works better, whether dreamwidth is a good fit and such would be appreciated.


Update: Right now I'm stuck between Wordpress and Blogger. I already have a good idea which posts I'd like to port and I know I'll keep my dreamwidth and essentially just crosspost things. Unfortunately, I don't know how to port the comments over, so those will be stuck back here.
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Genderbitch: In ur gender, revealing ur privilege


This is a blog. About transsexuality, feminism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, GLBT stuff and etcetera (check my tags for more on that). This is also an angry blog.

You might see me as slightly antagonistic. Oh well. I incite because I am trying to push people into thinking, discussing and breaking out of the stagnant bullshit of privilege. Which needs a nice firm kick quite a bit. Sometimes to the head. If I need a nice firm kick too, make sure to distribute it because well, I'm not immune to privilege either. XD

Anonymous (account-less) commenting is allowed but please sign it with an alias or name. I reserve the right to delete useless trolling, hate language and attempts to out my name or out anyone else here.

Welcome to my space. Take your shoes off, stay a while. Use the fucking coasters.


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